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Posted on January 4, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Signages are very beneficial to make people know about your business. On a busy road and with lots of other businesses, only a unique and different kind of signage can grab the attention of many consumers at one time. It is a very cost-effective way to market your business, and it has become a necessity for all businesses now.

Signage can be of many types. There are indoor signages, 3D signages, 2D signages, and many more. Each type is uniquely designed and never fails to fulfil its purpose. We provide all kinds of signages with unique designs of your choice at reasonable prices. And not only that, we are happy to help by giving you other signage-related services as well. 

Why are Signages Important for Business?

As we mentioned above, there are many benefits of using signages for your businesses. Signages become a symbol and identity for you. Consumers remember the signage board, and it will allow them to remember you. 


Signages are a part of marketing strategy. Without asking for a significant amount of money, signages can attract many local people to your business. If you look around, you will come to know that there is almost no good business without quality signage that represents them.


About 74% of people said that they had informed other people about the business based on just seeing the business signage during a survey. And in another survey, it was proved that almost 59% of consumers don't go to places without any signage. This shows the importance of signages for businesses. It shows how consumers are attracted besides having a busy life just by watching the signage, proving how beneficial signage can be.

Services at Bumi Jaya Advertising Sdn. Bhd.

At Bumi Jaya Advertising, you have the best quality and a wide variety of signboards of all types. We always prioritize the needs and tastes of our customers, and by using only high-quality materials, we make the best signages for them. 


Bumi Jaya Advertising provides all kinds of 2D and 3D signages according to your preference. But the help does not end here. We not only excel in providing the most amazing signages, but we also never disappoint our consumers with our services. We not only offer signages, but we offer help with that signage as well. Our services include:


  • Designing of Signage
  • Signage Manufacturing
  • Installation of Signage
  • Printing and other services
  • Free Consultation

Designing of Signages

Choosing a suitable signage design is the most crucial step of all. As the signage will represent your business, it has to be according to your preference and taste. It is a symbol for your business, and choosing the wrong signage will give consumers a bad idea about your business. The signage design has to be unique and an accurate picture of your business. Exterior signages are very important for businesses as many people will see them daily. 


Signage designing is tricky, and people might get confused. But by choosing us, you do not have to worry. We provide many free templates and designs for signage for you to choose the one that suits you. The signage design is not copied and very unique. You can select any signage template you want and get it made for your business. Not only that, but you can also provide a design on your own, and we can manufacture it as you want. 

2D and 3D Signage Designs

2D and 3D signages are the most popular among all kinds of signages, and we know why. They are the most attractive types of signages and, with a perfect design, can make your business look more respectable and reputable. 


We offer many kinds of 2D and 3D signage designing for our consumers and allow them to design the signage themselves as well. We also have 3D front-lit and 3D back-lit signages with many designs, which are definitely the most attractive signages. LED lights of different colours, backlit and front-lit signages are more prominent and widely used among various businesses.


"Great service from the very start. Staff is friendly and helpful too. I am satisfied with the signboard quality. Highly recommended."

-Shazween Zuhairi

Printing Services

Printing of signage boards and 2D signage services are hard to find these days. Everyone is promising to be a professional, but in reality, the work is of low quality. In these circumstances, we provide our customers with the best services. Printing of signage is no big deal when you hire us. 


We promise to provide high-quality printed signages at the most amazing prices. You can contact us anytime, and we can be at your service. Our work speaks for itself. It is said with a complete guarantee that you will love the printing quality and love the designs. 

Installation Services

Installing the signage always needs an extra set of hands. Whether you want to install the signage inside or outside your shop, it requires professionals to fix everything and make sure it is placed correctly. We understand it can be hard to buy signage from someone and then find someone else to install the signage. 


We always keep the consumer's needs in mind, and for that, we not only stop helping you by providing a perfect design or quality signage. But we also help you with signage installation at the right place. We have a team of professionals and a well-trained staff who knows everything about signages and installs the signage wherever you want in no time. 


Buyers don't have to worry about the location because you got us now. No matter if it is a street-side or a skyscraper, our team can handle it all. So why worry anymore? Because we can make it possible whatever you want.



"I ordered my 3D front-lit signage and did not know that they could install it as well. The installation team was highly professional and the sign looked just the way I wanted it to be. I always suggest Bumi Jaya Advertising Sdn Bhd whenever someone asks me about the signage."

-KH Lee

Maintenance Services

Although the signage does not require a lot of maintenance and work after being installed adequately, you can still face some issues with the maintenance services. Such as the 3D front-lit and back-lit signages require some maintenance of LED lights and cleaning as well. 


The maintenance can only be done by professionals; otherwise, it can not be done correctly. We do not want you to spend your time and energy finding someone to fix your signage, so we help you ourselves. We have hired some professional people to provide our customers with maintenance services at the lowest prices. 


Our team can solve all your signage-related issues and can be of your service at any time. Feel free to contact us if you are facing any trouble with your signage. Whether it's lighting or relocating your signage, we got you covered for all of it.

Free Consultation

Are you having trouble finding the correct type of signage? Which signage will go inside or outside your retailer store? Which design is the right one for your business? Such kinds of questions and queries will appear in your mind before buying signage. And they need to be answered by an expert because it will be a big step for your business. 


Bumi Jaya Advertising Sdn Bhd not only provides you signages and other signage-related services but also we can help you by giving free consultations regarding signages as well. You do not have to worry about anything or if you do not have enough knowledge about signages because we have a team of experts that can answer all your queries.  


Moreover, the consultation will be free of cost. You can ask anything related to signages without paying anything and get the proper guidance from the experts. We know how important signage can be for your business, and that is why we are here to guide you every time.

Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of companies and retail stores that are providing and designing different kinds of signage. You must be thinking by now why you should choose us? We not only offer the best quality services and signage but also care for our customers. Every signage is made of high-quality products with LED lights only so your signage can look better and save electricity as well.  


The signage designing will be discussed with the buyer thoroughly, and there will be no compromise on it as well. The paints and colors will be exactly what you wanted, and you can contact us anytime to place an order. 


Bumi Jaya Advertising Sdn Bhd always cares for its customers and makes them its priority. The order method is fast and straightforward. You don't have to visit or come anywhere and can place an order anytime and anywhere. The services are exceptional as well. As we discussed earlier, we have experts to help you with anything related to signage. Whether it's signage designing, free consultation, or any other after-service of signage, we are here at your service to make your life easier and better.


So don't wait and order the best signage from the best and take your business to another level. Our organization has been making the best products for many years with umpteen experiences in the signage industry. Customers trust us, and we deliver what we promise.


"So I was having trouble installing the signage by myself. Then I heard about bjaya services. I contacted them for my installation signage and was not hoping for such a quick response. They not only cleared all my queries about the signages but sent the team to install the signage outside my building. It looks perfect now and I don't face any issues anymore. Loved the team as well."

-Mohd Isa


Q1: How do I get installation services for my signage?
Answer: You can contact us at 012-3048058 and ask for a team to install the signage for you or simply leave a message on WhatsApp so we can contact you as early as possible.

Q2: What kind of free consultation do you give to your customers?
Answer: We have a team of experts that can answer all your queries related to signages and their maintenance. You can contact us on WhatsApp and ask your questions, and our team will get back to you shortly.

Q3: What if I want to visit your office?
Answer: You can place an order on WhatsApp, but if you want to visit our office, please visit us. Our address is mentioned at the contact page.

Q4: What kind of signage do you provide?
Answer: We provide all kinds of signage all over Malaysia.

Q5: How much time is required to get my signage?
Answer: It totally depends on the complexity of the design of your signage. If your signage is simple, then it can be delivered to you in a few days.

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