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About Us

Bumijaya Advertising Sdn Bhd is here to render you with our best qualities of a wide range of signboard to make your shop or office stand up superior in the midst of the rest. Our organization is performing for many years now with umpteen experiences in this competitive signage industry who provides trustworthy outcomes for our client's.
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If you are looking for a total solution from signboard design to installation then you are in the correct place. We are one-stop solution company who design, manufacture, install signboard with our own best team. We are not an agent where you might face a lot of frustration dealing with them with the little knowledge they had.

We do all kind of signboard available in Malaysia. Sign board prices range based on the type of signboard chosen. We do basic sign board, lightbox, 3D front lit signage, billboard, road signage, JKR signage, indoor signage and many more.

Type of Signboard

3D Front-Lit Signage

Singular profile cut with 3D visual effect. Light illuminates from the front of the 3D Box Up Letters.

3D Back-Lit Signage

Singular profile cut with 3D visual effect. Light reverse to shoot at the base for reflection.

3D Non-Lit Signage

Singular profile cut with 3D visual effect.3D Box Up without Light.


Rectangular shape signboard with light illumination


Big scale signboard with UV banner

JKR Signboard

Jabatan Kerja Raya related signages.Safety, directional and informative signage

Indoor Signage

Many varietes of indoor signages comprises different material design.

Road Signage

Road Signage for directional and informative purpose